June 2010 Colorado

     Every day or so I will be positng a new field study from a series I did on a one week trip up to Colorado. I met Carol Marine and her friend Penny Lentz to paint and enjoy the weather. I had a ton of fun. Carol and I shared our opinions on each others paintings and I learned some things about painting urban scenes which was an area I was not as experienced in.  I was used to increasing the intensities in a normal landscape to liven it up, but in a urban scene there was already more color usually than I actually needed. So by greying down some color in key areas of architectural painting you can emphasize other more important areas easier. It's actually alot about looking too hard into the shadow and painting more color than the main motif can stand.

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Rosemarie Valerio
via jamesmcoulter.com57 months ago

Hello, enjoyed your paintings in Colorado. Loved the old buildings and old trucks. Thanks for sending them to me.

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